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Moonstake Pte Limited is a Singapore-based technology company with a specific focus in blockchain and staking technologies. Moonstake has been established with a group of highly reputed blockchain authorities including a founder of CTIA and C-level members of globally known projects. It has developed various staking products for both B2B and B2C customers and has partnered with major players in Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.


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Infinity Blockchain Group (IBG) is a conglomerate of Asia’s leading blockchain companies working together to create the next chapter of practical blockchain innovations to transform the world and empower emerging markets. Expanding immensely since its inception in 2015 with Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) in Vietnam, IBG now has led blockchain entities and projects in 9 countries and regions spanning Asia with an aspiration to lead the world.


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Binarystar is one of the largest blockchain accelerator hubs in Japan, with coworking and event spaces in the bustling Ginza business district. As an accelerator, Binarystar supports the business development and marketing efforts of over 50 blockchain companies and projects – from corporate venture teams spun off from larger Japanese conglomerates, to independent start-ups.


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